15 Cool Facts You Need To Know About Pineapple To Make Your Life Better!


Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. And indeed pineapples became one of the of the most popular tropical fruits in the world. Actually, they are second only to bananas as America’s favorite tropical fruit. The plant was indigenous to South America and was first discovered by Columbus in 1493 on the Caribbean island Guadalupe.

Here are reasons why you should enjoy pineapple regularly:

1. Reduces inflammation and better than your cough syrup.

The anti-inflammatory effect is attributed to the action of bromelain, which is an enzyme and a powerful antioxidant. Many studies to date looked at bromelain’s functions. It has been suggested that it alleviates joint pain, arthritis, reduces inflammation, inhibits tumor growth and shortens recovery time after surgeries. Pineapple is also rich in vitamin C. One cup of pure juice contains 50% of your recommended daily intake. Vitamin C is an important vitamin and an antioxidant. The high antioxidant content in pineapples helps to fight against free radical damage, keeping your cells healthy. It may assist with cancer prevention! 

One study that compared over-the-counter cough syrup and pineapple extract showed that pineapple was five times more effective. Patients recovered 4.8 times quicker when taking the natural pineapple remedy, and had an overall improvement in their cold symptoms. 

Pineapples are also loaded with vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, manganese, copper, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, dietary fiber, folate calcium, phosphorus, beta-carotene, which is important for healthy eyes and potassium. Pineapples are also known for their ability to build and maintain strong bones due to the content of the trace mineral manganese, which your body needs to build bones and connective tissues.

P.S. When you reach for pineapple juice as your healing modality, it is important to get unprocessed natural juice. Store-bought brands often contain a lot of sugar and not much real fruit. If you have a juicer at home, the best option is to make your own fresh juice.

2. Improves digestion.

The enzyme bromelain, also aids digestion by breaking down proteins. This is why pineapple juice is often used in marinades, as the bromelain helps to tenderize the meat. The added benefit of marinating meat in pineapple juice is that the protein will reduce the inevitable spike in blood sugar levels from the pineapple’s sugar content. The whole process helps to increase stamina and energy and improves the digestive process and reduce bloating.

3. It helps maintain gorgeous, healthy skin!

The vitamin C content of pineapples helps to support collagen production, helping you to maintain healthy, supple skin. Try this homemade papaya and pineapple face mask!

4. It can help to prevent hypertension.

Trying to reduce your high blood pressure? The potassium content in pineapples can help to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. 

5. Improve male fertility.

High in manganese it improves male health. 

6. Loosen sinus.

The core contains compound to help loosen sinus. 

7. It’s great for watching your weight.

Nutrient-rich, a good source of fiber and low in calories, this delicious, juicy fruit makes a great addition to any diet as a healthy, filling choice! 

8. How to peel a pineapple - With the least waste possible

 Once you've done it a couple of times it's really easy and quick. 


9. Don't throw away the core and skin.

Ways you can use the pineapple skin:

1. I always brush the pineapple to make it nice and clean before peeling it. Chop the pineapple peel into 2cm to 3cm strips, then keep them in the freezer.

2. Add the pineapple skin when making vegetable, fish, chicken, pork, and beef broth. Use from one cup up to half of a whole pineapple, depending on your taste. When I use pineapple for making broth, I hardly need to add other herbs, because the pineapple alone is enough to give the broth a wonderful aroma.

3. Pineapple stock is especially good when cooking seafood soups, tomato soup, spicy soups: like Thai tom yum soups, Korean kimchi soups, or Chinese hot and sour soup.

4. Making pineapple fruit vinegar. Pineapple peel has very active alkaline effect, it's one of the best fruit to make fruit vinegar. I usually use pineapple together with apple, sugar, and rice vinegar to make fruit vinegar. It only takes about 3 to 6 months to make. Here's a recommended recipe: Pineapple and apple vinegar. Simply use pineapple skin instead of the flesh of the fruit.

Ways you can use the core of a pineapple:

1. Blend the core in a good blender like a Vita-mix, to make juice, or smoothies, together with other fruit or vegetables.

2. To make pineapple broth: Blend the core together with tomatoes, cabbage, celery or whatever you think is suitable, to make broth. You can choose to strain or not to strain the broth. The unstrained broth is good for making dishes such as Chinese hot and sour soup, minestrone soup, or any kind of thick soups. Clear pineapple broth can be replaced with any other kind of broth. Here's a recommended recipe for you to try: Hot and sour soup.

3. If you are making fish or chicken stock, cook them together with pineapple core or maybe other vegetables and herbs. Use one or two cups of chopped pineapple core, will sweeten the stock and add a nice fragrance to it.

10. Get warm! 

Bright, versatile pineapple brings a shot of sunshine to winter eating and drinking.

Pineapple-Mint Vodka (12 SERVINGS)


  • 1 pineapple, peeled, sliced
  • 1 750 ml bottle vodka
  • 2 sprigs mint
  • Combine pineapple in a large jar with vodka and mint. Let sit at least 8 hours and up to 3 days (the flavor will grow stronger the longer it sits). Strain. Muddle strained-out pineapple and mint for drinks, if desired.

Pineapple skin sun tea

To make your tea, combine the skin, core and any other scraps of one pineapple in a container that has a lid. A small pot or large glass jar is ideal. Cover the pineapple scraps with water, and leave out in the sun for several hours until the water turns yellow. Strain the tea, chill completely and drink sweetened or as is.

Pineapple ginger hot tea (click to see the recipe). 

11. Pineapple car freshener

To make a pineapple air freshener, collect the scraps from one or several pineapples and place them in a plastic bag. Leave the bag on the dashboard, or another place exposed to plenty of sun during the day. After a couple of weeks, the pineapple pieces will shrink and dry out, and your car will smell like a fruit cocktail.

12. Pineapple peel body scrub

Little surprise, then that they are great at softening the tough skin on our feet. Something to keep in mind next time you're giving yourself an at-home pedicure.

To make a pineapple foot scrub, place your pineapple scraps in a food processor or blender and blend until you get a coarse paste. Apply the paste to your feet, and leave for 20 minutes while you relax. Rinse and continue your pedicure.

For a simpler version of the pineapple foot exfoliant, use the entire pineapple skins without chopping them up. Simply rub the inside, fleshy part of the peels over your skin for a few minutes, using small circular motions.

13. Tips for selecting and storing pineapples

1. Look for pineapples that are heavy for their size and have dark green leaves, and eat them within 2-3 days for best results.

2. Choose Pineapples that don’t have soft spots, wrinkled skin and bruises which may indicate that the pineapple is past its prime.

3. For the most antioxidants, choose fully ripened pineapple (pineapple stops ripening as soon as it is picked). A sweet scent is generally considered the most important aspect of choosing a ripe pineapple.

4. A whole pineapple can be left at room temperature for one or two days before serving. After two days, if you are still not ready to eat it, you should store it in the refrigerator where it will keep longer (a whole pineapple can last up to 2 weeks, and a cut pineapple will last for up to one week).

5. Once you cut the pineapple, you should store it in the refrigerator in an airtight container.

6. Although pineapple can be frozen for up to 6 months, this process greatly affects its flavor.

14. Want to grow your own pineapple plant?

It’s easy to start. Just twist off the crown, let it dry for a few days so the end has a chance to harden, then plant it in a well-draining pot, and wait. Then wait some more. In a few short years, with any luck, your plant will produce a pineapple.


15. 10 strange pineapple facts.

  1. In case you find yourself on a sailing trip in the tropics without any Ajax, you might like to know that pineapple juice mixed with sand is very good for cleaning boat decks and machete blades.

  2. When you cut up a pineapple at home, you normally chuck the skin, core and ends in the bin. The pineapple canning industry doesn’t though, these bits are used for making alcohol, vinegar and animal feed.

  3. Each pineapple plant only produces just one pineapple per year.

  4. Unripe pineapples don’t just taste vile, but can actually be quite poisonous. Eating it causes serious throat irritation and it has a strong laxative effect.

  5. Pineapples grow slowly, and can take up to two years to reach full size, so we pick and eat them when they are much smaller, but if they are left to their own devices they can grow a lot bigger. The world record is currently 8.28kg (18.25lbs).

  6. If you want to speed up the ripening of a pineapple, so that you can eat it faster, then you can do it by standing it upside down (on the leafy end).

  7. Traditionally pineapple juice was used as a diuretic and to induce labour.

  8. The Bromelain enzyme in pineapples breaks down proteins. This means that you can use pineapple or pineapple juice as a meat tenderiser.

  9. The same Bromelain enzyme means that you can’t put fresh pineapple in jelly, because it breaks down the gelatin. You can stop this from happening by boiling the chunks of pineapple in their juice or in water for a few minutes, or you can use canned pineapple.

  10. There are a lot of foods that affect the taste of your seminal or vaginal fluids, but pineapple is one of the strongest. Eating a lot of pineapple makes you taste sweeter.

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