Duties To Avoid While Dating

1. Cooking meals for him on a regular basis, Washing his dirty drawers, Living together, Attending all family functions.. Just started dating? Your intentions are good... you just want to be nice and cater to him. Women show love by nurturing. As stereotypical as it sounds, it's only natural to want to bake a cake or tidy up his place. You're also subconsciously trying to prove to him that you are wife-material. Your actions are screaming "Marry me! I can cook! I can clean! I can take good care of you!" But all that does is make most men think you're crazy and/or desperate (especially if you've just met them).

2. Solid relationship? Still no.... but if you must, do so in moderation. The whole courting phase in relationships is something that has become extinct. Nowadays people don't really know how to date. We always jump from 0 to 60 in 60 seconds. Marriage is a big commitment and it's a big step for men in particular.

3. Women, if you start acting like you're married when you're actually just dating he could become complacent in the relationship. As the saying goes, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? That saying is typically used for sex, but the fact is there are other benefits of a relationship that should be saved for marriage as well....

4. Attending all family functions, Giving him large amounts of cash, Cleaning his place, Helping him manage his bills, Save the wifely duties for after you jump the broom, especially if he's not reciprocating with any husbandly duties! Does he wash your car? Does he take out your trash? Does he fix things around your house? Make sure it's a two-way street and not you just auditioning for the part of Mrs. Right.

5.Try your hardest to eliminate all of these things from your relationship, but at the very least keep it to a minimum so it's not something that he's expecting on the regular. Your relationship should be focused on enjoying each other's company, not how great of a chef and housekeeper you are!




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