20 Floral Nails You Must Try This Spring

You're already planning to replenish your spring wardrobe with stripes, florals, and nautical details. Now, it's time to think about updating your manicure, too. Here, your fingertip forecast 2017.

1. Dark Blue Flowers with Tiny Flowers

2. Black Nails with Flowers

3. Purple and Blue Flower Nails

4. Purple Flowers

5. White Nails with Roses

6. Floral Nails with Pearls

7. White and Purple Nails

8. Rose Floral Nails

9. Pink Nails

10. Blue Nails

11. Purple Floral Nails

12. Lavender and White Floral Nails

13. Delicate Nude Floral Nails

14. Nude, White and Blue Nails

15. Floral Nail Arts

16. Gold Nails with Green Flowers

17. Pretty Floral Nails

18. Watercolor Flower Nails

19. Green Nails with Red Flowers

20. White Nails with Yellow Flowers


What is your favorite design? Please comment and share!

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