How To Choose Necklaces To Work With Your Neckline

The neckline of a dress makes up 90% of the deciding factor when choosing wearing a decadent neck piece or not. Different necklines look better with certain necklace styles.

Learn how to choose the best necklaces for every neckline!

1. V neck – ideally a necklace that matches the shape of the V – depending if it’s a wider or narrower V neck. Avoid chokers it's making the neck appear thicker. Something you could wear would be a simple necklace with a single pendant like a gem or pearl. If you are wearing a simple shirt you can dress it up with a bigger, flashier necklace.

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2. Halter necks – these create a narrow V neck – so look for a narrow pendant with a sharper end.


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3. Strapless neckline provides a unique opportunity to make a statement – look great with chokers or short pendants, leaving your lovely decolletage bare. This is also an opportunity to wear something bigger and more elaborate. It's best if most necklaces hit at least 1 inch above the neckline.


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4. Square necks – look for geometric necklace or pendants with an angular finish to harmonize with the angular neckline.
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5. Collared shirt (button down) – accessorize with a necklace that goes OVER the shirt. A large statement necklace looks great with this style, or a focal pendant that sits at the throat like a brooch.

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6. Turtle necks – best with longer necklaces. don't choose a necklace style that is too short. A longer necklace will give the appearance of a longer neck and a more elegant look.

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7. Boat neck – a long string or two of beads is ideal for this neckline.The boatneck style of shirt has a wide, open neckline. Long necklace doesn't compete with the collar, and it creates a long, elegant line on your body.

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8. Cowl neck – this neckline is already detailed and has volume, so either a short and small pendant or a pair of massive earrings instead of a necklace. But you can create an elegant look by wearing multi-strains, and bold style worn tucked beneath the cowl. This is a great neckline for a big linked chains and long strands of large, chunky stones. 

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9. Scoop necks – fill in the space with multiple strands of beads or larger scale pendants.

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10. A crew neckline is a versatile canvas for many types of necklaces. If you are wearing a plain-colored t-shirt, don't be afraid to go bold with a large statement necklace. Best Necklaces: Large bib, chunky collar necklaces, long elegant necklaces.This is a great way to add dimension to a simple shirt that would otherwise seem very plain.

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 11. OFF-Shoulder (Asymmetric) - a small chain with no pendant.

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  1. Don't compete with the collar line.
    For most necklines, choose a necklace length that is either at least an inch higher  or at least a few inches below the neckline.
  2. Fill in empty skin space.
    Wherever skin shows at the neckline, that's a great place for a necklace. Take note of the shape created by your neckline, and choose necklaces that mimic the shape of your exposed skin.
  3. Experiment with over-shirt necklace styles.
    For over-sized or more complicated collars, it is often best to wear a necklace over the shirt, but under the collar. This adds contrast and interest to your outfit.

A dress with dazzling diamonds doesn’t need as much “help” as compared to say. Other aspects to consider are the embellishments. So many dresses are accented with bows, flowers, sashes and epaulets, it makes it hard to define a cohesive look so when in doubt, ditch the accessories.
According to your shoulders shape: If you have drooping shoulders Avoid Raglan sleeves as they make your shoulders look more sloped! 

Save this, print it, and put it next to your dresser:


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