How to Use Essential Oils for Healthy Female Hormone Balance

Essential oils uses continue to amaze me, as they can be used to treat so many health illnesses and improve so many aspects of your health.

Do you ever experience the following?

  • overweight, find that they’re gaining weight, or can’t lose weight

  • struggle with anxiety and/or depression

  • have irregular digestion

  • have irregular periods

  • experience fertility challenges

  • menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia

The female endocrine system (hormonal system) is very sensitive to stress. That could be dietary stress (eating the wrong foods for your body, or too many processed foods), emotional stress, too much work and not enough sleep, environmental toxins, or pain and inflammation.

Under chronic stress, your cortisol levels rise, causing drops in estrogen and progesterone, your 2 main sex hormones. This can cause menstrual irregularities, weight gain, estrogen dominance, and infertility.

High estrogen foods can be really harmful to your health by destroying the your hormone balance. A lot of these foods with too much estrogen today can lead to health issues like hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, and ovarian cancer. So, eliminate the following foods from your diet, and add more fruits and vegetables to naturally decrease estrogen in your body.

Foods to avoid:
1.) Soy
2.) Sugar
3.) Conventional meat
4.) Conventional dairy
5.) BPA plastic and Teflon Pans

If you want to start detoxing your body of estrogen, consume more cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collard greens, and brussels sprouts. Also milk thistle and dandelion supplements are great to support your body in the detox from estrogen as well.

Symptoms that indicate your hormones are haywire include the following:

  • irritability, anxiousness

  • PMS

  • menopausal symptoms that interfere with day to day life

  • heavy periods, irregular cycles

  • inability to lose weight

  • breast tenderness

  • hair loss

  • fatigue, insomnia

  • hypothyroidism

  • lack of sex drive

  • increase in belly fat

Supporting your liver, which is in charge of metabolizing hormones, is a great place to start. But did you know essential oils can also help maintain healthy hormones in the body?

Essential oils are the concentrated liquids and essences from plants, containing volatile aroma compounds. They can be inhaled, diffused, applied to the skin, or taken internally (use CAUTION taking oils internally!) to rebalance your system. Because they are so concentrated, only a drop or 2 is needed for an effect. The oils do not contain hormones but have properties that stimulate hormone production and balance.

How to use Essential Oils for Healthy Hormone Balance

One of my favorite essential oil uses is to simply mix some coconut oil with the essential oil, itself, and rub it on different areas of the body. And, because essentials oils are so small molecularly, they can actually be absorbed into your body through your skin, so you can get full body effects simply by putting essential oils directly on the skin.

PMS Bath Blend

I add 3 drops of clary sage, 2 drops of chamomile, 2 drops of geranium and 2 drops of lavender to a warm bath. Mixing these oils with 1/4 cup Epsom salt before adding to the bath will help keep the oils from floating on top of the water and will include the benefits of magnesium.

The following oils have been shown to exhibit therapeutic effects similar to that of phytoestrogens, meaning they balance estrogen levels:

  • Clary Sage: Stimulates the pituitary gland, which regulates ovulatory and sex hormone function. Clary sage is also a uterine tonic pairs well with geranium. Great for cramp relief & PMS.

  • Fennel: used to balance cycles. Also a wonderful digestive aid.

  • Basil: recommended for delayed menstruation or scanty periods.

  • Cypress: useful for circulation, can relieve stagnation associated with heavy bleeding or mid-cycle bleeding

  • Geranium: has an overall balancing effect on female hormones

  • Thyme Oilimproving progesterone production

  • Sandalwood Oilvery effective at balancing out testosterone levels in both men and women. Extra health benefits of improving your libido and hormones.

These oils would be useful for those with low estrogen levels or dropping estrogen levels, as is the case in peri-menopause or menopause. Stress can cause low estrogen in menstruating women, but I recommend hormone testing so you’ll know your estrogen and progesterone levels.

You can also find blends that support hormone balance (use these topically):

  • SclarEssence combines phytoestrogenic oils like clary sage, peppermint, fennel, and sage. Useful for menopause, hysterectomy.

  • EndoFlex supports overall endocrine function. I’ve recommended it for thyroid and adrenal support, both of which positively influence female hormone support.

  • Dragon Time is a favorite! This blend relieves PMS, cramping, and irregular periods. Contains clary sage, fennel, lavender, jasmine, yarrow, and marjoram.

  • Lady Sclareol has a divine fragrance and can improve mood and positively influence low estrogen. Great for menopause. It’s a blend of rosewood, vetiver, geranium, ylang ylang, jasmine, and more.

  • Progessence Plus boosts progesterone. I love this one to balance the effects of estrogen dominance and promote regular cycles with fewer PMS symptoms.

For menopause:  try clary sage, Dragon Time, SclarEssence, Lady Sclareol topically.
For cramps: try Dragon Time,  valerian, ginger (few drops internally), clary sage, lavender
For PMS: try Dragon Time, EndoFlex, fennel, clary sage

You Can Make Your Own Blends:

- Irregular Periods: Use topically daily.

  • 10 drops chamomile combined with 10 drops fennel

  • Endoflex

- Menstrual Cramps: Apply topically daily.

  • 10 drops Dragon Time combined with 5 drops hops

  • EndoFlex, Progessence Plus

- Heavy Bleeding: diffuse or apply topically.

* It is important to note that many of these oils should not be used during pregnancy (and no oil should be used during pregnancy without consulting a healthcare practitioner).

 Please share with us your own experience with this olis in comments below. 

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    Jul 31, 2017

    Hi, just curious what you recommend. I’m 58. Post menopausal. I have my hormones tested every 6-12 months with a functional med dr but he doesn’t do essential oils yet. I was on bioidenticals but want to go more natural so stopped. I was in very normal ranges and great on bioidenticals but now my hormones tested that I’m balanced but low on estrogen and progesterone. I’ve just spent hours on the internet trying to decide what essential oils I should use and how. The only negative symptom I have is vaginal dryness. I do know though that low estrogen comes with a hosts of risks so I’d like to get it and my progesterone back up. Curious what you suggest?


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